Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fairy Cut - An Alternative to Cricut Cartridges

Hello Everyone,

Today, I thought I would share my thoughts on a computer software that sets your imagination free! It is called Fairy Cut. Fairy Cut works with your Cricut and allows you to cut any True Font, Image or SVG file stored or downloaded onto your computer. 

I looked into other programs that are similar to this product such as Make the Cut and Sure Cuts a Lot, but when trying these programs out, I was very confused due to the complicated software. When using Fairy Cut, there are minimal things you have to do when preparing your image. This makes cutting a whole lot easier! The best feature of Fairy Cut is the ability to Print and Cut with your Cricut Expression, Create, or Baby Bug (the software is also compatible with the Cricut Cake). This feature is great if you do not have  money to purchase the Cricut Imagine. When using Fairy Cut, you also have the option to Create a Rhinestone Project, weld letters or images together, and much more!  If you have any questions regarding this product, their Customer Support is great!

As most of you know, the prices of Cricut Cartridges are increasing! This software is great alternative if cartridges are becoming too expensive for you to buy (of course I will still be buying them!).

If you want to get a closer look at the product, click here. There is a free demo that can also be downloaded here. They also have a great promotion: subscribe to their newsletter, and get 20% coupon rebate! You can also check out their sponsors at: FunTimeScrapbooking and UniversalScrapbook.

I hope this review is useful for everyone that wants an alternative to buying Cricut Cartridges or a new way to set your imagination free!

Kyle Dadgar
The bottom line: I would recommend this product to everyone!


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  2. why are all programs running from cricut????

  3. I so wish this was still true... I found out about software to late...and i have 2much money invested to not keep using my cricut... But i am lookin a 2nd hand cutters to go along side my cricut...


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